Gmail Profile Picture Download

Are You trying to download the profile picture of your friend and someone by just using their mail Id? Are you tired of zooming in an unclear profile picture in the mail? Here We have a trick for you Let’s get into Gmail Profile Picture Download.

Steps to follow:

  • Open you Mail Box
Gmail Profile Picture Download
  • Search for their required Id’s Recent mails in your mail box.

  • Open their Mail.
How to Download Gmail Profile Picture?
  • Hover and click on their Profile picture
Gmail Profile Picture Download
  • Then a Dailouge box appears like this!

  • Click on open in detailed view.

  • A new sidebar appears like this
Gmail Profile Picture Download
  • Right click on the profile image
How to download gmail profile picture
  • Click open image in new Tab
Gmail Profile Picture Download
  • Untill here you will be clear and you would have also tried till here Now comes the Smart part !
Team Allpoles
  • As it is the blurish and small pixel image we need to magnify it.To do so we should edit this part of the link.
Gmail profile picture
  • Here we can find the value 96 which is general resolution of profile pic in Gmail just increase it as you want.
gmail profile picture
  • We are all set to go Just give a right click and click on save as !!

Hurray, we did it !

Hope your Query was solved and you would be able to know how to download a high-resolution pic in Gmail.

Okay This is how Gmail Profile Picture Download!!

Happy Learning!

Team Allpoles.

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